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PRT (Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management)
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Sustainable Sport Facility Management
Sport Facility Management
College of Natural Resources
Parks, Recr & Tourism Mgmt (15PRT)
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Fall 2018
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15SPMGTBSSport Management Required
In this course, students will examine the development and management of sport facilities, paying particular attention to environmental concerns and the sustainability of the sport stadia. Specifically, the course first focuses on the 3 E's of sustainability (Environment, Equity, Economics) and learn about sustainable systems. From this underpinning, the course is divided into two main frameworks: 1. Development of sport facilities; and 2. Sport facility operations. Each part of the course is enhanced by guest lectures from industry experts and hands on learning experiences.

Operating sport facilities is a major component of the sport industry. To date, we do not offer a course in sport facility management. To appropriately prepare students for the workforce, it is necessary that our department offer a course wherein students gain an understanding for the complexities of sport facility operations. 


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1. Students will understand the role of environmental sustainability in sport facility management

2. Students will learn factual knowledge regarding sport facility management

3. Students will consider applications of course material to real world sport facility management issues

4. Students will have an appreciations for the process of developing and operating a sustainable sport facility

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the course, students will be able to:

1.Define the three E’s of sustainability

2.Define facility management

3.Identify the process and necessary components of facility development

4.Conduct a facility audit

5.Verbalize the environmental issues of facility management

6.Articulate the various ways sport stadia and public policy are intertwined

7.Identify key gameday facility operations

8.Utilize written communication in the development and presentation of a sustainable facility project

Evaluation MethodWeighting/Points for EachDetails
Multiple exams200There will be two timed exams, each worth 100 points, based on lecture, reading materials, and guest lectures. The first will be conducted at the mid-term and the second will be conducted at the end of the semester.
Quiz50There will five quizzes (10 points each). Each quiz is designed to prepare students for the exams.
Forum_post50There will be five discussion posts (10 points each) based on readings and lectures. Students will read and respond to a given prompt. It is expected that students will introduce new material to a given subject.
presentation50Students will conduct two case studies (25 points each). For case study one, groups of students will conduct a case study of the sustainability of one venue. Students will prepare a presentation of the positive aspects of sustainability at their chosen venue and where the venue could improve. For case study 2, groups of students will conduct a case study of transportation and parking at a venue. The groups will determine the best practices for parking people safely and quickly.
Project100Each student will engage in a project with a facility. Students will be expected to analyze a facility, engage in or propose a sustainability related project, and execute said project. Students will write a report (75 points) and present on their project (25 points).
TopicTime Devoted to Each TopicActivity
Sustainable Facility Management1.5 week∞ Thinking about sustainability – World Conservation Congress
∞ 3 E’s – Environment; Economy; Equity
∞ Why it is important? – State of the Biosphere Report
∞ Millennium Ecosystem Assessment – Why equity matters
∞ Solutions and the role of the sport facility
∞ LEED Certification
∞ We Recycle guest lecture
∞ Discussion board 1

History and Role of Venues1.5 Week∞ What is a sport facility?
∞ First sport facilities
∞ Multipurpose vs. single use
∞ Public-private partnerships
∞ Types of events and sport tourism
∞ Quiz 1

Facility Development, Design, and Equitability3 weeks∞ Role of taxpayer subsidies
∞ Case Study 1
∞ Guest Lecture from AIA Director of Architecture
∞ Guest Lecture from owner of JD Lewis Center
∞ Facility construction and reconstruction
∞ Pro’s and con’s of facility development
∞ Discussion Board 2
∞ Quiz 2
∞ Civic Paternalism and the stadium
∞ Recreational facilities
Venue Policy and Procedure Development2 Weeks∞ Guests, Visitors, and Businesses
∞ Guest Speaker PNC Arena – Bobbie Nichols
∞ Event Management
∞ Facility Systems and Maintenance
∞ Facility Audit
∞ Event Bidding
∞ Discussion Board 3
∞ Quiz 3
∞ Staff Policies
∞ Tenants, Promoters, and Other Facility Users
∞ Ground Use Policies and Procedure
Food and Beverage1.5 Weeks∞ Volunteer Management
∞ Health Inspection
∞ Sustainability Practices
∞ Training
∞ Purchase Decisions
∞ Guest Lecture PNC Arena – Chris Diamond
∞ Discussion Board 4
∞ Quiz 4
Transportation and Parking1.5 Weeks∞ Parking People
∞ Neighborhood Ordinances
∞ Use of Data Analytics and GIS
∞ The Consumer Experience
∞ Discussion Board 5
* Case Study #2
Safety and Security1.5 Weeks∞ Risk Management
∞ Risk Analysis
∞ Insurance
∞ Ingress and Egress Planning and Issues
∞ Guest Lecture PNC Arena – Larry Perkins
∞ Quiz 5
Project Presentations1.5 WeeksStudents will present their Sustainable Facility Project and turn in report
Exams and Exam Prep2 WeeksStudents will take 2 exams total. There will be a dedicated day to exam preparation as well.

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