Animal Science & Poultry Science (PhD) Core

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Additional Requirements and Restrictions

  • At least two residence credit points secured in continuous semesters’ residence as a graduate student at the university
  • Doctoral degrees at NC State require a minimum of 72 graduate credit hours beyond the Bachelor’s degree
  • For a student who already holds a master’s degree upon initial admission to the doctoral program of study, a maximum of 18 hours of relevant graduate credit from the master’s degree may be applied toward this minimum upon the recommendation of the student’s graduate advisory committee. Therefore, the minimum credit-hour requirement, in this case, is 54 credit hours
  • If a student completes a master’s degree at NC State and chooses to continue on for a doctoral degree thereby maintaining a continuous registration status, up to 36 credit hours taken while in masters status may be used to meet minimum requirements for the doctoral degree
  • Students cannot take 400-level courses or lower as part of the credit-hour requirement for the doctoral program of study
  • Students cannot transfer courses into a Ph.D. program (including those taken in PBS status)
  • A successful preliminary comprehensive examination which includes both written and oral components
  • A dissertation
  • Departmental defense seminar
  • A final comprehensive oral examination