Liberal Studies (MA)

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Degree Requirements

Required Courses9
Seminar In Liberal Studies
Seminar In Liberal Studies
Select one of the following:
Seminar In Liberal Studies
Research Methods course across all departments approved in conjunction with the academic committee
Concentration Courses6
Select an interdisciplinary concentration approved in conjunction with the academic committee1
Additional Courses12
"Additional Courses" are approved in conjunction with the academic committee to meet 30 total hours
Culminating Project Course3
Independent Project
Total Hours31

Accelerated Bachelor's/Master's Degree Requirements

The Accelerated Bachelors/Master’s (ABM) degree program allows exceptional undergraduate students at NC State an opportunity to complete the requirements for both the Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees at an accelerated pace. These undergraduate students may double count up to 12 credits and obtain a non-thesis Master’s degree in the same field within 12 months of completing the Bachelor’s degree, or obtain a thesis-based Master’s degree in the same field within 18 months of completing the Bachelor’s degree.

This degree program also provides an opportunity for the Directors of Graduate Programs (DGPs) at NC State to recruit rising juniors in their major to their graduate programs. However, permission to pursue an ABM degree program does not guarantee admission to the Graduate School. Admission is contingent on meeting eligibility requirements at the time of entering the graduate program.


Full Professors

  • Kimberly I. Allen
  • Carolyn Bird
  • Jonathan D. Bohlmann
  • Jeffrey P. Braden
  • Richard M. Clerkin
  • Gary L. Comstock
  • Michael D. Garval
  • Nora Haenn
  • Jessica K. Jameson
  • Akram F. Khater
  • Sarah D. Kirby
  • Dudley Michael Marchi
  • Jorge Mari
  • Sylvia Christine Maria Nassar
  • Jose Pasten
  • Robert P. Patterson
  • Jorge Mari
  • Adriana de Souza e Silva
  • Kenneth Vincent
  • Rodney Waschka

Associate Professors

  • Craig C. Brookins
  • Jonathan M. Casper
  • Katherine Mellen Charron
  • Cameron Denson
  • Michael B. Edwards
  • Stephen Clifford Ferguson
  • Shelley E. Garrigan
  • Anne Hardison-Moody
  • Karey A. Harwood
  • James Kiwanuka-Tondo
  • Mark Nance
  • David M. Rieder
  • Amanda J. Stewart
  • Jocelyn DeVance Warren

Assistant Professors

  • Veljko Dubljevic
  • Judy Kertesz
  • Alicia McGill
  • Kevin A. Richardson

Practice/Research/Teaching Professors

  • Alison E. Arnold
  • Gary Beckman
  • Kimberly Ann Bush
  • Sarah L. Desmarais
  • Charles Albert Flink
  • Jonathan Kramer
  • Seth Murray
  • Elizabeth Nelson


  • Victoria Ralston

Emeritus Faculty

  • Sarah Stein