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College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

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Department of Marine, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

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Department of Communication

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ANS 324 Milk and Dairy Products 3. Prerequisite: BIO 181 or 183, CH 101.

Introduction to the manufacture of dairy products. Dairy processing procedures from the farm, through the dairy plant, and to the consumer are studied. The course consists of 15 learning modules, three exams, and a project.

ANS 101 Introduction to Livestock and Poultry Industries 3. Requisite: Agricultural Institute Only.

General introduction to nutrition, reproduction, breeding, management and description of marketing channels of animals and poultry. Equates live animal and carcass characteristics with market specifications. Factors of pre- and post-slaughter treatment are related to the shelf life of fresh and processed meats. MCCRAW/GREGORY.

ANS 201 Techniques of Animal Care 2. Prerequisite: ANS 150 (all ANS Majors) or ANS 101 (Ag Institute Livestock, Poultry Mgmt Program).

A laboratory course in the applied management of beef cattle, dairy cattle, swine and small ruminants with participatory assignments of common techniques utilized in livestock production.

ANS 240A Livestock Merchandising 3. Prerequisite: ANS 101; Restrictive Statement: AGI Students Only.

This course is designed to acquaint students with different methods for merchandising livestock and with strategies for adding value to products produced from livestock. Students will learn new ways to promote a farming operation. Required visits to Animal Educational Units outside of normal class time and student must provide own transportation. Two required mandatory Saturday events. The animal auction held on the 2nd Saturday of April and the Open House held either one or two Saturdays (varies depending on the Spring Holiday) prior to the animal auction.