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Research Centers offering more than 110 bachelor and master...of genomic data, with an emphasis on agriculture...

Department of Marine, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

...s environment. MEAS takes an interdisciplinary, integrated systems...or MEA 200) MEA 110 MEA 202 MEA...

Tuition and Fees institution (or permitted to enroll following an...if he/she accumulates 110% of the necessary...

Department of Communication

...of COM 110 Public Speaking or COM 112 Interpersonal Communication completion of an additional 9...

ANS 303 Principles of Equine Evaluation 2. Prerequisite: ANS 110.

Conformation and function, performance, and soundness of the horse. Breed standards, rules, and regulations for evaluation, selection, and performance. Field trips.

ANS 411 Management of Growing and Performance Horses 3. Prerequisite: ANS 110.

This course is an overview of scientific applications used in management of growing and performance horses. Topics include: nutrition and feeding, disease prevention, exercise conditioning, and methods of evaluation and selection. Students required to provide their own transportation to labs. Must hold junior or senior standing.

ANS 410 Equine Breeding Farm Management 3. Prerequisite: ANS 110 and Junior standing.

Equine anatomy, physiology, nutrition, genetics and health. Laboratory emphasis on reproductive management, breeding, problem solving, and management skills. Field trips required.

ANS 110 Introduction to Equine Science 3. Prerequisite: Freshman standing or Sophomore standing.

Introduction to Equine Science is a course designed for Freshmen and Sophomores of any major. There are no pre-requisites for this course. We will discuss terminology, impact of horses on history and society, breeds, uses, management, genetics, reproduction, health, nutrition, behavior, and business aspects of the horse industry. Restricted to Freshmen and Sophomores.