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MA 151 Calculus for Elementary Education I 3. Prerequisite: C- or better in MA 107 or MA 111, or 520 or better on the SAT Subject Test in Mathematcs Level 2 or the NCSU Math Skills Test, or 2 or better on an AP Calculus exam. Credit is not allowed for both MA 131 and MA 121 or MA 141..

Calculus for Elementary Education I is the first semester of a two semester sequence of courses designed for the Elementary Education Program. Topics will include sequences, limit, and derivative. Also, topics related to teaching elementary mathematics will be discussed. Students cannot receive credit for more than one of MA 151, MA 121, MA 131, or MA 141. MA 151 is not an accepted prerequisite for MA 231 and MA 241.This course is restricted to Elementary Education majors only.

ANS 151 Introduction to Animal Science Lab 1. Corequisite: ANS 150; R: Animal Science or Ag Extension or Ag Science or Ag Education majors.

Hands-on experience and demonstrations with livestock and horses; identification of common management equipment and knowledge of proper use; animal tracts, organs, skulls, feeds, breeds, and other animal-related items or topics. The lecture (ANS 150) must be taken concurrently or have been passed previously with a C-minus or higher. This lab course is restricted to the following majors: Animal Science, Ag Extension, Ag Science, and Ag Education. Transportation is provided to the off-campus labs, and students will be returned to campus prior to the end of the scheduled lab period.