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University Housing

Living on campus is an essential part of...m. 1112 Pullen Hall 201 Dan Allen Drive...

Department of Food, Bioprocessing and Nutrition Science

...complement a student's major. An introductory course ( FS 201 ) is required, but other courses...

Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics

...disciplines, these programs develop an understanding of contemporary...required, including ARE (EC) 201, and four additional...

General Education Program

...value of diversity and an understanding of human...placement into the FL* 201 by examination. Additional...

PY 211 College Physics I 4. Prerequisite: MA 107 or 111 or 121 or 131 or 108 or 141 with a C- or better, or 480 on the SAT Subject Test in Mathematics Level 2 or the NCSU Math Skills Test, or 2 or better on an AP Calculus exam. Credit is not allowed for both PY 211 and PY 201 or PY.

First semester of a two-semester introductory sequence in non-calculus physics, with laboratory. Mechanics, heat, wave motion and sound. Credit not allowed for more than one of PY 211, PY 201 or PY 205.

ANS 201 Techniques of Animal Care 2. Prerequisite: ANS 150 (all ANS Majors) or ANS 101 (Ag Institute Livestock, Poultry Mgmt Program).

A laboratory course in the applied management of beef cattle, dairy cattle, swine and small ruminants with participatory assignments of common techniques utilized in livestock production.