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College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

...program include: To provide an opportunity for a...I and II ( PY 205 and PY 208...

Department of Marine, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

...s environment. MEAS takes an interdisciplinary, integrated systems...241 MA 242 PY 205 PY 208 Successful...

Department of Physics

...physicists but who desire an interdisciplinary program with...List PY201 or PY 205 - Mechanics PY 202...

School of Public and International Affairs

...level PS course or an honors option 400...hours must include: PS 205 Law and Justice...

ANS 206 Anatomy of Domestic Animals Lab 1. Corequisite: ANS 205.

This lab course is designed for Animal Science majors to take with the ANS 205 lectures (Physiology of Domestic Animals). Students will learn to identify major anatomical and cellular structures from domestic animal (livestock) specimens through examination of gross and microscopic anatomy. SAS and IAS majors only.

EMS 490 School Mathematics from an Advanced Perspective 3. Prerequisite: MA 403 or MA 407, MA 308 or MA 408, MA 205 or MA 305 or MA 405.

This course will serve as a culminating experience for all students majoring in mathematics education and intending to become high school mathematics teachers. Course content includes functions in both secondary and collegiate mathematics, development of euclidean geometry from euclid's elements, and historical overview of albebra, and other mathematics subject matter, a trigonometry review from both triangle basis and funtion basis, connections between linear algebra and the high school presentation of matrices, and other topics. For Math Education majors only.

ANS 205 Physiology of Domestic Animals 3. Prerequisite: (BIO 181 or BIO 183) and Sophomore standing.

This course is designed to introduce students to mammalian physiology (structure and function) with emphasis on livestock species. Students will gain a basic understanding of body systems including circulatory, muscular, skeletal, digestive, and reproductive systems and functions of those systems with relevance to the whole animal and maintenance of homeostasis.

ANS 220 Reproductive Physiology 3. Prerequisite: ANS 205 or BIO 250.

Biological processes in reproduction and lactation with emphasis on domestic mammals such as cattle, sheep, goats, horses, swine, dogs, cand cats. Environmental and genetic factors that affect these processes. Identification, evaluation and solutions of problems in these physiological areas.

ANS 230 Animal Nutrition 3. Prerequisite: ANS 150 or BIO 183; ANS 205 is also recommended..

Introduction to nutrition, digestion, and absorption in domestic mammals. Major nutrient classes and their functions in the body, feed classification and chemical analysis, feed processing, and nutrient requirements.

BIO 434 Hormones and Behavior 3. Prerequisite:C- or better in BIO 212 or Bio 250 or (ANS 205 & ANS 206).

This course will focus on the field of behavioral neuroendocrinology, which explores mechanisms by which hormones affect and are affected by behavior. The course will use highly interactive lectures and discussions of material from the primary literature (seminal papers and recent exciting contributions). Student participation in class discussions and in-class assignments will be critical components of the learning process.