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Department of Physics

...physicists but who desire an interdisciplinary program with...of the following: PY 301 - Introduction to Quantum...

FLF 301 Survey of French Literature from the Middle Ages through the Enlightenment 3. Prerequisite: An advanced language skills course (FLF 308, 310, 315) or FLF 202 with permission of instructor.

Reading and discussion of representative works with attention to literary analysis as well as to historical and cultural background.

ECE 481 Senior Design Project in Computer Engineering 3. Prerequisite: ECE 381, ECE 301, ECE 302, ECE 303, ECE 406 and an ECE specialization elective.

Application of engineering and basic sciences to the total design of computer engineering circuits and systems. Consideration of the design process including feasibility study, preliminary design detail, cost effectiveness, along with development and evaluation of a prototype accomplished through design-team project activity. Complete written and oral engineering report required.

NTR 419 Human Nutrition and Chronic Disease 3. Prerequisite: Junior standing, ANS 230, or ANS/FS/NTR 301 or ANS/NTR/PO 415.

Current concepts regarding, and physiological bases of the roles of nutrition in the prevention and treatment of acute and chronic disease states in humans with emphasis on the process of scientific discovery, reading of original research and transformation of research findings to public policy.