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ANS 303 Principles of Equine Evaluation 2. Prerequisite: ANS 110.

Conformation and function, performance, and soundness of the horse. Breed standards, rules, and regulations for evaluation, selection, and performance. Field trips.

ANS 480 Judging Team 1. Prerequisite: ANS 303 or ANS 304 or ANS 309.

Students practice judging techniques for livestock, horses, or dairy animals, including ranking animals and providing oral reasons to defend the rankings. Students meet weekly with a coach to practice locally and will also travel to compete in one or two regional or national competitions. Each team (livestock, horse, dairy) is expected to raise funds to finance the trips. Students earn 1 credit for being on a team, and can earn up to 3 credits of Free Elective for ANS 480 by serving on the judging team for different species. Field trips that last several days are required. Departmental Approval Required. Course may be taken up to 3 times (once per species).

ECE 481 Senior Design Project in Computer Engineering 3. Prerequisite: ECE 381, ECE 301, ECE 302, ECE 303, ECE 406 and an ECE specialization elective.

Application of engineering and basic sciences to the total design of computer engineering circuits and systems. Consideration of the design process including feasibility study, preliminary design detail, cost effectiveness, along with development and evaluation of a prototype accomplished through design-team project activity. Complete written and oral engineering report required.