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...311, ED 312, EDP 304, ELP 344) as...master's degree and an initial teaching license...

ANS 304 Dairy Cattle Evaluation 2. Prerequisite: ANS 150.

The first half of this course covers basic aspects of dairy cattle breeds, dairy character, form and function including type traits and linear scoring of dairy cattle, interpreting and using judging scorecards, comparing/evaluating dairy cattle, andplacing animals in a class. The second half of the course develops the student's ability to correctly evaluate dairy cattle classes, but more importantly to support their opinions through oral communication.

ANS 480 Judging Team 1. Prerequisite: ANS 303 or ANS 304 or ANS 309.

Students practice judging techniques for livestock, horses, or dairy animals, including ranking animals and providing oral reasons to defend the rankings. Students meet weekly with a coach to practice locally and will also travel to compete in one or two regional or national competitions. Each team (livestock, horse, dairy) is expected to raise funds to finance the trips. Students earn 1 credit for being on a team, and can earn up to 3 credits of Free Elective for ANS 480 by serving on the judging team for different species. Field trips that last several days are required. Departmental Approval Required. Course may be taken up to 3 times (once per species).