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Department of Naval Science (Naval ROTC)

...those who are seeking an opportunity to qualify...Naval Weapons Systems , NS 330 Evolution of Warfare...

Department of Accounting

...opportunities. Individuals graduating with an accounting degree can...310, ACC 311, ACC 330 and ACC 340...

ACC 330 An Introduction To Income Taxation 3. Prerequisite: ACC 210 with a grade of C- or better.

Basic income tax principles and procedures (including research and planning) with an emphasis on all types of entities and business transactions. Exposure to a range of tax concepts within the framework of financial reporting.

ANS 330 Laboratory Animal Science 3.

A sophomore to senior level course designed to cover the basics of laboratory animal science, a specialty dealing with the use of vertebrate animal species in intensive research. Some topics to be covered are: husbandry, facility management, animalhealth and welfare, diagnostics, surgical area management, research methods and administrative duties. Students will use the material for studying for the certification as a Laboratory Animal Technician via the American Association For Laboratory Animal Science (AALAS). A separate fee is required for certification; this fee is not covered by tuition for ANS 330. Must hold sophomore standing or higher.

BIO 440 The Human Animal: An Evolutionary Perspective 3. Prerequisite: C- or better in one of the following: BIO 317, BIO/PB 330, BIO 410, PSY 406, or PSY 416.

An in-depth look at the evolution of a wide range of human behaviors, and some aspects of physiology as well. We will critically explore the perceptions we hold of ourselves and the research that has sought to lend new insights into the fundamental bases of human behavior. New uses of evolutionary theory, including the field of evolutionary psychology, will be examined using a comparative approach and careful readings from primary and secondary literature in evolutionary biology and psychology. Classes will be largely discussion based.