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Agricultural Teacher Education

...high school level is an exciting career. There are over 350 secondary agriculture teachers...

Military Sciences (Air Force ROTC)

...are eligible to receive an Aerospace Studies minor...300 per month, sophomores $350 per month, juniors...

Tuition and Fees institution (or permitted to enroll following an...PGM) will be charged $350/semester. The fee...

Department of History

...minor, an M.A. in History, an M...Withers Hall, Room 350 Phone: (919) 515-2483...

FS 407 Risk Analysis and Hazard Analysis in Food Safety 3. Prerequisite: FS/ANS/PS 350 or equivalent HACCP industry experience.

In-depth focus on the application of the first HACCP principle, Hazard Analysis, on the identification of food safety hazards, as well as the emerging importance of risk assessment. Distance Education Only.

FS 354 Food Sanitation 3. Prerequisite: FS/ANS/PO 350 or equivalent HACCP industry experience.

Discussion of hygienic practices, requirements for sanitation programs, and modern sanitation practices in food processing facilities. At the end of this course, students will have the knowledge to develop and maintain a sanitation program.