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EMS 490 School Mathematics from an Advanced Perspective 3. Prerequisite: MA 403 or MA 407, MA 308 or MA 408, MA 205 or MA 305 or MA 405.

This course will serve as a culminating experience for all students majoring in mathematics education and intending to become high school mathematics teachers. Course content includes functions in both secondary and collegiate mathematics, development of euclidean geometry from euclid's elements, and historical overview of albebra, and other mathematics subject matter, a trigonometry review from both triangle basis and funtion basis, connections between linear algebra and the high school presentation of matrices, and other topics. For Math Education majors only.

ANS 408 Small Ruminant Management 3. Prerequisite: ANS 150, Junior standing.

Principles and practices of production, management, and marketing of sheep and goats. Role of genetics, nutrition, reproduction and animal health. Hands-on experience and field trips during labs.