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Department of Physics

...physicists but who desire an interdisciplinary program with...Quantum Physics II PY 411 - Mechanics I PY...

ANS 411 Management of Growing and Performance Horses 3. Prerequisite: ANS 110.

This course is an overview of scientific applications used in management of growing and performance horses. Topics include: nutrition and feeding, disease prevention, exercise conditioning, and methods of evaluation and selection. Students required to provide their own transportation to labs. Must hold junior or senior standing.

CS 413 Plant Breeding 2. Prerequisite: GN 411 or ANS 215.

Discussion of reproductive systems of higher plants; the genetic basis for plant improvement and the selection, evaluation, and utilization of crop varieties.

ANS 575 Current Topics in Genomics and Proteomics in Animal Science 3. Prerequisite: ANS 215 or GN 411.

The objective of this course is to provide students with an integrated exposure to the major current concepts in genomics and proteomics. Genomic and proteomic methods will be covered at a level that will allow students to read and comprehend articles dealing with animal genome research.

HS 550 Environmental Nursery Production 3. Prerequisite: HS 411, Nursery Management, or an equivalent course..

The course focuses on the impacts of the nursery industry on the environment and environmentally sound nursery practices. Exploration of the major challenges facing the nursery industry that drive decision making during production. Evaluation of past and current research addressing these challenges and sampling procedures and interpretation will be learned. Graduate status and an undergraduate nursery production or management course or working knowledge of nursery production required.