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NTR 708 Energy Metabolism 3. Prerequisite: BCH 453 and an introductory NTR course.

Relationship of biochemical and physiological events within the cell, tissue, organ and system with the nutrient needs as sources of energy for productive animal life. Digestion, absorption and metabolism of energy sources. Presentation of processesof energy transformations within living structures in relation to energetics, biological oxidations, coupled reactions, anabolic and catabolic systems, metabolic control, partitioning and efficiency.

ANS 708 Genetics of Animal Improvement 3. Prerequisite: GN 311 and ST 512.

Emphasis on the utilization of basic principles of population and quantitative genetics in animal improvement. Factors affecting genic and genotypic frequencies and methods of estimating genetic and nongenetic variance, heritabilities and breeding values. The roles of mating systems and selection procedures in producing superior genetic populations.