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MUS 103 Music Theory I 3. Prerequisite: MUS 120 or Rudiments Placement Test. Co-requisite: MUS 104..

Continuation of the principles taught in MUS 120. Topics include rhythm and meter, modes and non-diatonic scales, harmonic analysis, cadences, non-harmonic tones, phrase structure, musical texture, and basic part-writing principles.

MUS 204 Aural Skills II 1. Prerequisite: MUS 104 or Aural Skills 1 Placement Test.

Continuation of the principles taught in MUS 104. Emphasis is placed on sight-singing and melodic dictation involving all diatonic intervals, diatonic triads and 7th chords in open positions, harmonic progressions, counterpoint in two voices, and computer-based music learning.

MUS 104 Aural Skills I 1. Prerequisite: MUS 120 or aural skills placement test; Co-requisite: MUS 103.

The development of aural perception skills in tonal harmony through sight-singing and rhythm reading; scale, interval, and chord identification; melodic, harmonic, and rhythmic dictation; and computer-based music learning.