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MUS 103 Music Theory I 3. Prerequisite: MUS 120 or Rudiments Placement Test. Co-requisite: MUS 104..

Continuation of the principles taught in MUS 120. Topics include rhythm and meter, modes and non-diatonic scales, harmonic analysis, cadences, non-harmonic tones, phrase structure, musical texture, and basic part-writing principles.

MUS 104 Aural Skills I 1. Prerequisite: MUS 120 or aural skills placement test; Co-requisite: MUS 103.

The development of aural perception skills in tonal harmony through sight-singing and rhythm reading; scale, interval, and chord identification; melodic, harmonic, and rhythmic dictation; and computer-based music learning.

MUS 120 Introduction to Music Theory 3.

Introduction to Music Theory is designed for students with minimal or no music theory background and covers the fundamentals of music, including note reading in treble and bass clefs, rhythm, meter, scales, key signatures, intervals, triads, and basic keyboard skills. This course prepares students for entry into Music Theory I (MUS 103) and Aural Skills I (MUS 104), although students may elect to test out by means of a placement test. Students may be required to provide their own transportation to and cover the cost of an on- or off-campus event. Auditing is not permitted. Prerequisites: None.