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Department of Physics

...PY 341 - Spacetime Physics PY 401 - Quantum Physics I Py 402 - Quantum Physics II PY...

PY 402 Quantum Physics II 3. Prerequisite: C- or better in PY 401.

An introduction to the basic principles of quantum physics with an emphasis on selected applications to atoms, molecules, solids, nuclei and elementary particles.

PCC 402 Introduction to the Theory and Practice of Fiber Formation 3. Prerequisite: TE 200 and (CH 201 or CH 203) and (PY 208 or PY 212) and (MA 231 or MA 241).

Flow behavior of polymeric materials as related to the formation of fibers by melt, dry and wet extrusion. Elementary theories of drawing and heat setting. Application of fiber-forming theories to synthetic and cellulosic fibers. Offered in Fall only.