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Department of Physics

...Py 402 - Quantum Physics II PY 411 - Mechanics I PY 412 - Mechanics II PY 413...

PY 721 Statistical Physics I 3. Prerequisite: PY 401, PY 413.

Basic elements of kinetic theory and equilibrium statistical mechanics, both classical and quantum; applications of the techniques developed to various ideal models of noninteracting particles.

PY 519 Biological Physics 3. Prerequisite: PY 413 or Graduate Standing.

This course presents the application of physics principles and methods to problems in biological systems. Important biological molecules, their structures and their processes are introduced for physical scientists. Functional mechanisms are analyzed with concepts from thermodynamics, statistical mechanics, fluid mechanics, and electrostatics. Modern experimental methods and computational approaches to molecular and cellular level biological phenomena are emphasized.

PY 413 Thermal Physics 3. Prerequisite: PY 203 or PY 407; Corequisite: MA 341.

An introduction to statistical mechanics and thermodynamics. The statistical study of physical systems emphasizing the connection between the statistical description of macroscopic systems and classical thermodynamics. Concepts of heat, internal energy, temperature and entropy. Classical and quantum statistical distributions.