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PY 552 Introduction To the Structure Of Solids 3. Prerequisite: C- or better in PY 401.

Basic considerations of crystalline solids, metals, conductors and semiconductors.

PY 753 Introduction To the Structure Of Solids II 3. Prerequisite: PY 552.

The properties of semiconductors, superconductors, magnets, ferroelectrics and crystalline defects and dislocations.

PY 755 Dielectric Films and their Interfaces 3. Prerequisite: PY 552.

This course addresses: i) local atomic structure of non-crystalline/amorphous dielectrics - experimental methods and theory; ii) classification of dielectric materials - by bond ionicity, bond density and bonding contraints/atom to discriminate between ideal covalent random networks, disrupted networks, and nano-crystallinity; iii) thermally-grown silicon dioxide and its interface with Si - the standard for alternative dielectrics; iv) electronic structure and bonding in transition metal/lathanide rare earth dielectrics; and v) intrinsic limitations on the performance and reliability of metal-oxide-semiconductor devices.