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NE 404 Radiation Safety and Shielding 3. Prerequisite: NE 301 with a grade of C- or better or NE 419.

Radiation safety and environmental aspects of nuclear power generation. Radiation interaction, photon attenuation, shielding theory and design project, external and internal dose evaluation, reactor effluents and release of radioactivity into the environment, transportation and disposal of radioactive waste; and environmental impact of nuclear power plants.

NE 301 Fundamentals of Nuclear Engineering 3. Prerequisite: MA 341 and (CSC 112 or CSC 113) and C- or better in NE 202.

Introductory course in nuclear engineering. Neutron physics, reactor operation, and reactor dynamics. Basic principles underlying the design and operation of nuclear systems, facilities and applications.

NE 400 Nuclear Reactor Energy Conversion 4. Prerequisite: MAE 201 and a C- or better in NE 301.

Introduction to the concepts and principles of heat generation and removal in reactor systems. Power cycles, reactor heat sources, analytic and numerical solutions to conduction problems in reactor components and fuel elements, heat transfer in reactor fuel bundles and heat exchangers. Problem sets emphasize design principles. Heat transfer lab included. Credit will not be given for both NE 400 and NE 500.

NE 401 Reactor Analysis and Design 3. Prerequisites: MA 401 and C- or better in NE 301.

Elements of nuclear reactor theory for reactor core design and operation. Includes one-group neutron transport and mutigroup diffusion models, analytical and numerical criticality search, and flux distribution and calculations for homogeneous and heterogeneous reactors, slowing down models, introduction to perturbation theory.