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Academic Calendar

2013 Fall Semester

Date(s) Day(s) Description
August 21WednesdayFirst day of classes
September 2MondayHoliday (Labor Day); university closed
October 10 - 11Thur - FriFall break; no classes
November 27 - 29Wed - FriThanksgiving vacation; no classes
November 28 - 29Thur - FriThanksgiving holiday; university closed
December 5ThursdayLast day of classes
December 6FridayReading Day
December 9 - 17Mon-TuesFinal examinations
December 18WednesdayFall graduation exercises
December 24 - January 1Tues - WedWinter holiday; university closed

2014 Spring Semester

Date(s) Day(s) Description
January 6MondayFirst day of classes
January 20MondayHoliday (Martin Luther King, Jr. Day); university closed
March 10 - 14Mon - FriSpring break; no classes
April 17-18Thurs - FriSpring holiday; no classes
April 23WednesdayLast day of classes
April 24-25Thurs - FriReading Days
April 28 - May 6Mon - TuesFinal examinations
May 10SaturdaySpring commencement

2014 First Summer Session

Date(s) Day(s) Description
May 19MondayFirst day of classes
May 26MondayHoliday (Memorial Day); university closed
June 20FridayLast day of classes
June 23 - 24Mon - TuesFinal examinations

2014 Second Summer Session

Date(s) Day(s) Description
June 26ThursdayFirst day of classes
July 4FridayHoliday (Independence Day); university closed
July 30WednesdayLast day of classes
July 31 - Aug 1Thurs - FriFinal examinations

Note: Dates in this publication are those that have been approved by appropriate agencies of the university at the time of publication (June 2013). Changes may be announced in official university publications subsequent to this publication and maintained on the Registration and Records website.