Classification of Students

Classification of Students

Undergraduate degree students are classified according to the number of completed credit hours. The required number of hours of each classification is:

Classification Semester Hours of Earned Credit
Freshman (FR) Fewer than 30
Sophomore (SO) 30 or more, but fewer than 60
Junior (JR) 60 or more, but fewer than 92
Senior (SR) 92 or more

Agricultural Institute students are designated as first (01) year if they have earned fewer than 30 semester credits and second (02) year if they have earned 30 or more semester credits.

Undergraduate Studies (UGS)

These students are United States citizens who have not obtained a baccalaureate degree and who take courses, but who are not currently admitted to a degree program.

Post Baccalaureate Studies (PBS)

These students are United States citizens who take courses beyond the baccalaureate degree, but who are not currently enrolled in a degree program. This classification is closed to international students with the following exceptions: (a) spouses of regularly enrolled NC State degree students; or (b) students enrolled in special programs such as AID or FAO who are approved in advance by the International Student Office and the Graduate School.

To be eligible for Non-Degree Studies enrollment (NDS), prospective students must:

  • have graduated from high school at least one year before beginning enrollment
    Note: Currently enrolled high-school students may be eligible for the Academic Enrichment Opportunity (AEO) Program.
  • be eligible to return to any previous institution(s) attended.
  • maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 at all times to remain eligible to continue.
  • have accumulated less than 30 hours of total credit as a Non-Degree student. NDS students are limited to a total of 30 hours of credit in NDS status. Student with 29 hours attempted will be allowed to register for the next term even if their enrollment in that future term will exceed the 30 hour limit, but they will not be activated for any subsequent terms once they have accumulated or exceeded 30 hours of credit.

All UGS and PBS students must apply for the program online at the NDS website. Persons found eligible to study as UGS or PBS students are not to assume that they have received formal admission to the university as either undergraduate or graduate degree candidates. To become a degree candidate, formal application must be made through the Office of Undergraduate Admissions or the Graduate School.

The maximum course load for all UGS and PBS students is eight hours each semester or summer session. They may enroll in any on campus and/or Online and Distance Education course offered by the university, provided they have satisfied any required prerequisites and space is available. UGS and PBS students must adhere to the standards, policies, rules, and regulations of the university.

Credit for Degree

Students subsequently admitted to an undergraduate program will have all coursework, including grades, applied to the undergraduate degree total GPA.

Students subsequently admitted to a graduate program may request up to 12 credit hours be transferred into their degree program. Transferred hours are subject to Graduate School approval, rules and procedures.

RUL 02.66.03 - Non-Degree Studies Enrollment is available to view in full on the University's Policies, Regulations and Rules website.