Grading Scale and Grade Points

Grade Definition Grade Points per Credit Hour
A+ 4.333
A Excellent 4.000
A- 3.667
B+ 3.333
B Good 3.000
B- 2.667
C+ 2.333
C Satisfactory ("Passing" for graduate students) 2.000*
C- 1.667
D+ 1.333
D Marginal 1.000
D- .667
F Failing 0.000

*For the most current information regarding this regulation, please view the full regulation.

A grade of C- satisfies all "grade of C or better" prerequisites and other "C-wall" requirements.

A+ grades will contribute to the Grade Point Average up to a maximum of 4.000.

Grade Point Average

The number of credit hours attempted in a semester or summer session (for which grades of A, B, C, D (including plus/minus), or F are received) is divided into the total number of grade points earned to arrive at the Grade Point Average (GPA). The Grade Point Average will be calculated to three decimal points to a maximum of 4.000.

For example, if a student takes 16 credit hours, earning an A in two 3-credit courses, a B in one 3-credit course, and a B in one 2-credit course, a C in a 3-credit course, and an F in a 2-credit course, the grade point average would be:

Example GPA Calculation (45)

  • 6 (credits of A) x 4 (grade points per credit hour) = 24
  • 5 (credits of B) x 3 (grade points per credit hour) = 15
  • 3 (credits of C) x 2 (grade points per credit hour) = 6
  • 2 (credits of F) x 0 (grade points per credit hour) = 0

The total number of grade points earned (45) divided by the number of credit hours attempted (16) equals the grade point average, in this case 2.813.

Grading Guidelines

All instructors at NC State use the plus/minus grading scale in their courses. The plus/minus grading scale does not apply to courses that are taken on a pass-fail basis.

Students enrolled in any section of a multiple section course in which the material, the sequencing of its treatment, and the examination are common to all sections should be graded on the same scale.

The following grades are not used in the calculation of grade point averages.

Grade Description
S Satisfactory (Credit-only) some courses are only available as S/U
U Unsatisfactory (Credit-only)
CR Credit by Examination or Advanced Placement
IN Incomplete (Student works with instructor but instructor's decision)
LA Temporarily Late (Instructor posts grades after deadline)
AU Audit
NR No Recognition Given for Audit
W Withdraw or Late Drop

 See following section on description of letter grades.

Description of Letter Grades

D - Marginal. This grade is used to recognize that a student’s performance was marginal but clearly better than that of students who receive an F.

F - Failing. This grade is used to indicate that the student has failed the course and will not receive any credit for the course.

S - Satisfactory. This grade is used as a passing grade to be awarded only when the quality of the student’s work is judged to be C- or higher level. It is used as the passing grade for students who are taking free elective courses under the credit-only option, and for courses designated as pass/fail courses for grading purposes. It may also be used for certain courses such as orientation courses, seminars, and research problems, in which regular grades are not appropriate. Unless otherwise specified, a grade of “S” will not satisfy requirements for courses in a major, minor, certificate, or GER requirements.

U - Unsatisfactory. This grade is used to indicate that the student is not to receive credit for a credit-only or other course for which the passing grade would be S (Satisfactory).

CR - Credit. This grade is used by the registrar to indicate course credit received by examination or advanced placement as certified by appropriate departments or colleges. This grade shall be awarded only when the advanced placement testing indicates that the quality of the student’s work in the course would have been expected to be of C- or higher level.

IN - Incomplete. This grade is used as a temporary grade. At the discretion of the instructor, students may be given an IN grade for work not completed because of a serious interruption in their work not caused by the student’s negligence. An IN must not be used, however, as a substitute for an F when the student’s performance in the course is deserving of an F. An IN is only appropriate when the student’s record in the course is such that the successful completion of particular assignments, projects, or tests missed as a result of a documented serious event would enable that student to pass the course. Work undertaken to make up the IN grade should be limited to the missed work.

An IN grade must be made up by the end of the next regular semester (not including summer sessions) in which the student is enrolled, provided that this period is not longer than twelve months from the end of the semester or summer session in which the work was due. In the event that the instructor or department offering the course is not able to provide a student with the opportunity to make up the incomplete work by the end of the next regular semester in which the student is enrolled or within twelve months, whichever is shorter, the instructor or department offering the course must notify the Department of Registration and Records of the date of the extended deadline for removing the IN grade.

Any IN grade not removed by the end of the next regular semester in which the student is enrolled or by the end of twelve months, whichever is shorter, or by the extended deadline authorized by the instructor or the department offering the course and recorded by the Department of Registration and Records will automatically become a Failing (F) grade and will count as a course attempted.

Students should not register again for courses in which they have IN grades; such registration does not remove IN grades, and the completion of the course on the second occasion will automatically result in an F for the incomplete course.

When a graduating senior received an IN, the following procedures apply:

  1. If the course is needed for graduation, the student will not be allowed to graduate until the work has been made up.
  2. If the course is not needed for graduation, the college dean must notify, in writing, the Department of Registration and Records either

            (a) That the course and the IN grade are to be deleted from the student’s records

            (b) Or that permission has been given for the IN to remain and that a deadline has been                   established for the completion of the course. In the event that the course is                                  subsequently not completed satisfactorily, the college dean shall notify, in writing, the                   Department of Registration and Records that the course and the IN grade should be                   deleted from the student’s record or that the IN should be changed to F.

LA- Temporarily Late. An emergency symbol to be used only when grades cannot be reported on time by the teaching department or the instructor. The LA differs from the IN grade in that the student receiving the LA has completed the work of the course including the examination. LA grades convert to IN grades before the end of the next semester and are subject to the conditions of the IN grade outlined above including automatic expiration to an F if not resolved in a timely manner.

W- Withdrawal/Late Drop. Used on student’s grade reports and transcripts to indicate all courses for which they have received official approval to drop or from which they have received official approval to withdraw after the deadlines for dropping.

Grade Reports and Transcripts

Grades are posted online when instructors submit them in MyPack Portal. Current students may access term grades via MyPack Portal - Requires your Unity ID and password. 

A transcript is a complete copy of the student’s academic record at the time that it is issued. It contains all course work, including undergraduate, graduate and/or non-degree, taken while enrolled at NC State University.

NC State only issues official transcripts at the authorization or written request of the student concerned. NC State will NOT issue a partial transcript; the university automatically sends all course work when a transcript is requested. Current students may view an unofficial transcript or order an official transcript via MyPack Portal. Former students and alumni may visit the Student Services Center website to learn about ordering a transcript.