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Withdrawal from the University

Students who wish to drop all the courses for which they are registered must withdraw from the university for the remainder of the semester or summer session in which they are enrolled. Students who have registered and prepaid are considered to be registered and must be officially withdrawn, unless they have notified the university prior to the beginning of the first day of classes that they wish to have their registration cancelled.

The procedure for withdrawing is different in several ways from the procedure for dropping one or some but not all courses. First, the procedure is not initiated in the academic department or college. Second, a Schedule Revision Form is not used. Third, it is highly recommended, but not required, that students considering withdrawal consult their faculty advisor or department coordinator of advising. The withdrawal process is as follows.

Degree candidates and Unclassified students initiate the official withdrawal process with the Counseling Center, (919) 515-2423. Parental approval to withdraw may be required for single students who are under eighteen.

Non-Degree Studies students withdraw through Student Self Service in MyPack Portal. NDS students may contact the Student Services Center at (919) 515-6278 if they have any questions about this process.

International students who wish to withdraw from the university must meet with an Office of International Scholar and Student Services advisor to effect a withdrawal in SEVIS before withdrawing from the university in order to protect their immigration status. International students who are contemplating a withdrawal must call OIS, (919) 515-2961 for an appointment.

NC State students carrying course work at another campus under the Inter-Institutional arrangement must contact the Department of Registration and Records, 1000 Harris Hall, (919) 515-2572, to initiate the paperwork necessary for removal from the class roll at the other institution.

Students visiting from other institutions who are registered for NC State course work under the Inter-Institutional arrangement must initiate withdrawal on their home campus.

Financial Aid recipients who withdraw during the semester or summer sessions may be required to repay all or a portion of the aid received, depending on the date upon which the withdrawal is effective. All students are required to get clearance through the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid during the withdrawal process to determine their individual repayment obligations.

Withdrawal After the Last Day of the Official Course Drop Period

It is considered that after the last day of the official drop period a student has become a partner in an implied contract with the university to continue until the end of the semester. Therefore, withdrawals without academic penalty are granted by the university only when exceptional circumstances exist.

Undergraduate and graduate degree students may receive late withdrawals through the Counseling Center under three conditions:

  1. Certification by an appropriate medical professional of serious disruption in academic functioning for medical reasons. Such medical petitions are subject to review by a university physician and by the Counseling Center.
  2. Certification by the Counseling Center of serious disruption in academic functioning because of an emotional problem or crisis. It is important to verify that (a) there has been a significant decrease in the student’s usual level of psychological functioning and (b) that regaining that previous level of functioning will involve a process of sufficient academic disruption to make continuing as a student unreasonable. In this case a “hold” may often be placed on the student’s readmission pending certification by the Counseling Center and/or independent psychologist/psychiatrist that the student has regained and can be expected to maintain that usual level of psychological competence.
  3. Verification by the office of the student’s college dean that a decision has been reached in accordance with that college’s policies and procedures that a documented hardship of any kind which, responsibly handled, resulted in it being unreasonable to insist that the student continue. The hardship should normally have been reasonably unforeseeable.

Courses for which students are officially enrolled are recorded on the transcript without grades or grade points but with a notation of “W” to indicated approval to withdraw after the withdrawal deadline.