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Administration and Offices

Office of the Chancellor

W. Randolph Woodson, Chancellor
PJ Teal, Secretary of the University
Amy Mull, Assistant to the Chancellor for Communications
Lindsay Recchie, Assistant to the Chancellor
D. Ashley Jacobs, Executive Assistant
Mary Catherine Cole, Administrative Support Specialist

Office of the Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor

Warwick A. Arden, Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor
Louis D. Hunt, Jr., Senior Vice Provost for Enrollment Management and Services and University Registrar
Duane Larick, Senior Vice Provost for Academic Strategy and Resource Management
Mary Lelik, Senior Vice Provost for Institutional Research and Planning
Thomas K. Miller, Senior Vice Provost for Academic Outreach and Entrepreneurship
Bailian Li, Vice Provost for International Affairs
Linda McCabe Smith, Vice Provost for Institutional Equity and Diversity
Susan K. Nutter, Vice Provost and Director of the NCSU Libraries
Margery Overton, Vice Provost for Academic Strategy
Katharine Stewart, Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs
Alice S. Warren, Vice Provost for Continuing Education, and Interim Vice Provost for Outreach and Engagement
Lisa Zapata, Vice Provost for Student Development, Health and Wellness

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Richard H. Linton, Dean
Sylvia Blankenship, Senior Associate Dean for Administration
Steve Lommel, Associate Dean for Research and Director of NC Agricultural Research Service
A. Richard Bonanno, Associate Dean for Cooperative Extension Service
John Dole, Interim Associate Dean and Director for Academic Programs
Joyce Munro, Assistant Dean for Business Operations
Rebecca Zuvich, Assistant Dean of CALS Personnel
Keith Oakley, Executive Director for College Advancement

College of Design

Mark Hoversten, Dean
Arthur Rice, Associate Dean
Tameka Whitaker, Assistant Dean for Student and Academic Services
Felicia Womack, Assistant Dean for Budget and Administration
Celen Pasalar, Assistant Dean for Research and Extension
Jean Marie Livaudais, Assistant Dean of External Relations

College of Education

Mary Ann Danowitz, Dean
Ellen S. Vasu, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs
Paola Sztajn, Associate Dean for Research and Innovation
Lilia Collazo, Assistant Dean for Finance
Michael J. Maher, Assistant Dean for Professional Education and Accreditation
Anona Smith Williams, Assistant Dean for Student Success and Strategic Community Engagement

College of Engineering

Louis A. Martin-Vega, Dean
John G. Gilligan, Executive Associate Dean of Engineering, Research and Graduate Programs
Jerome P. Lavelle, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs
Douglas S. Reeves, Associate Dean of Graduate Programs
Christine Grant, Associate Dean of Faculty Advancement
Jennifer Weston Cox, Director of Communication, Engineering Communications
Brian E. Campbell, Assistant Dean of Development and College Relations
Virginia Teachey, Assistant Dean of Finance and Business Management
Connie L. Reno, Assistant Dean of Personnel and Administration
Wendy Silver, Executive Assistant to the Dean
Tracy Brown, Executive Assistant to the Executive Associate Dean

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Jeffery P. Braden, Dean
Deanna Patricia Dannels, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs
Thomas A. Birkland, Associate Dean for Research, Engagement, Extension and Economic Development
Karen R. Young, Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs and Director of Undergraduate Programs
Juliana Makuchi Nfah-Abbenyi, Assistant Dean for Diversity
Betty A. Byrum, Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration
Lauren R. Kirkpatrick, Director of Communication
Justin Daves, Director of College Facilities 
Marcy Engler, Executive Director of Development
Missy Seate, Director of Research Administration
Dara Leeder, Director of Student Recruitment and Retention

Poole College of Management

Annette Ranft, Dean
Tamah Morant, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Programs
Steve Allen, Associate Dean of Graduate Programs and Research
Arnette Egire, Assistant Dean of Budget and Finance
Nichole Miller, Assistant Dean of MBA Programs

College of Natural Resources

Mary C. Watzin, Dean
Adrianna G. Kirkman, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Robert E. Bardon, Associate Dean for Extension
Marian McCord, Associate Dean for Research
Lara Brown de Fuenmayor, Assistant Dean for College Advancement
Sandy Jones, Assistant Dean for Finance and Business

College of Sciences

William L. Ditto, Dean
David G. Bristol, Senior Associate Dean for Administration
Jo-Ann D. Cohen, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
John Blondin, Associate Dean for Research
Brock Matthews, Assistant Dean for Advancement
Jamila S. Simpson, Assistant Dean for Diversity and Student Services
Lee Ann DeRita, Assistant Dean for Business Operations
Nikki Price, Assistant Dean for Culture, Talent and Human Resources
Jacqueline Hawkins-Morton, Director of Advising
Michael C. Smith, Director of Undergraduate Enrollment
Katherine C. Titus-Becker, Director of Women in Science and Engineering
Pamela Lowe, Director of Development
Marla Gregg, Director of Development, Alumni and Donor Relations
Nate DeGraff, Director of Marketing and Communications
Debbie Carraway, Director of Information Technology
Holly Menninger, Director of Public Science
Jason Painter, Director of the Science House
Jennifer Teixeira, Director of Research Administration

College of Textiles

David Hinks, Dean
Nancy Cassill, Associate Dean for Academic Programs
Behnam Pourdeyhimi, Associate Dean for Industry Research and Extension
Xiangwu Zhang, Associate Dean for Research

College of Veterinary Medicine

D. Paul Lunn, Dean
Jennifer Neel, Interim Associate Dean and Director of Academic Affairs
Steven L. Marks, Associate Dean and Director of Veterinary Medical Services
Kathryn M. Meurs, Associate Dean and Director of Research and Graduate Programs
Dianne Dunning, Associate Dean for Advancement
Greta Johansen, Assistant Dean for Business and Finance
Sheri Renno, Assistant Dean for Human Resources
Jeffrey Huckel, Director of Student Services

The Graduate School

Maureen Grasso, Dean
Peter Harries, Senior Associate Dean
Michael Carter, Associate Dean for Program Evaluation
Laura Demarse, Assistant Dean for Professional Development
David Shafer, Assistant Dean for Outreach and Diversity
Lian Lynch, Assistant Dean for Student Administration and Academic Affairs
Michael Walker,  Assistant Dean for Finance and Operations

Distance Education and Learning Technology Applications (DELTA)

Thomas K. Miller, Senior Vice Provost for Academic Outreach & Entrepreneurship
Donna Petherbridge, Associate Vice Provost for Instructional Technology Support and Development
Rebecca Swanson, Associate Vice Provost for Distance and Distributed Education

Kay Zimmerman, Associate Vice Provost for Marketing & Partnership Development
Jessie Sova, Assistant Vice Provost for Business Operations

Division of Academic & Student Affairs

Mike Mullen, Vice Chancellor & Dean
Lisa P. Zapata, Senior Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Development, Health and Wellness
Barry Olson, Associate Vice Chancellor of DASA Business Administration
Holly Durham, Associate Vice Chancellor of DASA Financial Services
Beth Buck, Associate Vice Chancellor of DASA Human Resources
Katie Sheridan, Assistant Dean and Director, Academic Support for Student Athletes
Nicole Peterson, Executive Director of Development
Marsha Boyd Pharr, Executive Director of TRIO Programs
Dan Perry, Director, Alcohol & Other Drug Prevention Education
Jill Orr, Director, Arts Development
Rich Holly, Director, Arts NC State
Dr. Arnold Bell, Director, Career Development Center
Melissa Barnes, Director, Center for Student Leadership, Ethics & Public Service
Patti Baynes, Director, College Advising Corps
Monica Osburn, Director, Counseling Center
George Thomas, Director, Crafts Center
Tara Mullins, Director, Dance Program
Mark Newmiller, Director, Disabilities Services Office
Meghan Teten, Director, EcoVillage
Kim Outing, Director, Exploratory Studies Program
Elizabeth A. Nelson, Director, First Year Inquiry
Shelly Brown Dobek, Director, Fraternity and Sorority Life
Roger Manley, Director, Gregg Museum of Art & Design
Nick Drake, Director, Military & Veterans Services
Sharon Moore, Director, NC State Live
Michael Coombes, Director, New Student Programs
Li Marcus, Director, Office of Undergraduate Courses & Curricula and University Academic Standards
Chris Ashwell, Director, Office of Undergraduate Research
Leslie Dare, Director of Technology Services
Susan Grant, Director of University Housing 
Pete Fraccaroli, Director of Facilities Planning & Management
Justin Hammond, Director of Marketing and Communications
Susan Carson, Director of TH!NK Programs
Carrie Zelna, Director, Office of Assessment
Leah Arnett, Director, Student Health Services
Pam Gerace, Director, Student Legal Services
Patrick Neal, Director, Student Media Advising
Courtney Simpson, Director, TRIO Programs
Katherine Fuller, Director, Ticket Central
Sean Cassidy, Interim Director, University Honors Program & University Scholars Program
Eric Hawkes, Director, University Recreation
John McIlwee, Director, University Theatre
Barbie Windom, Director, University Tutorial Center

Division of Enrollment Management and Services

Louis D. Hunt, Jr., Senior Vice Provost for Enrollment Management and Services, and University Registrar
Angela I. Brockelsby, Director of Communications and Marketing
Thomas H. Griffin, Associate Vice Provost and Director of Undergraduate Admissions
Allison J. Medlin, Director of the Goodnight Scholars Program
Krista Ringler, Director of Scholarships and Financial Aid
Shawn P. Smith, Assistant Vice Provost for Financial Operations and Audit
Trey Standish, Senior Data Research Analyst
Steven White, Associate Vice Provost for Enrollment Systems and Operations

Intercollegiate Athletics

Deborah A. Yow, Director

International Affairs

Bailian Li, Vice Provost for International Affairs
Ingrid R. Schmidt, Associate Vice Provost for International Affairs
Michael J. Bustle, Associate Vice Provost for International Affairs
John Baugh, Director, North Carolina Japan Center
Elizabeth James, Director, International Services
Anna Dunaway, DirectorConfucius Institute
Jeong Powell, Director, International Admissions
Karin Sandler, Director, Intensive English Program
Andrew Stringer, Director, Global Health Initiative

McKimmon Center for Extension and Continuing Education

Alice S. Warren, Vice Provost for Continuing Education
Yevonne Brannon, Executive Director, Center for Urban Affairs and Community Services
Chip Futrell, Director, Continuing and Professional Education
Tricia Inlow-Hatcher, Director, Osher Lifelong Learning Institute 

The NCSU Libraries

Susan K. Nutter, Vice Provost and Director of Libraries
Carolyn Argentati, Deputy Diretor of Libraries

Office of Finance and Administration

Scott R. Douglass, Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration
Amy Mull, Director of Administration, Communication & Planning
Missie Davis, Executive Assistant
Dan Adams, Associate Vice Chancellor for Campus Enterprises 
Barbara Moses, Associate Vice Chancellor for Budget & Resource Management
David Rainer, Associate Vice Chancellor for Environmental Health and Public Safety
Doug Morton, Associate Vice Chancellor for Facilities
Mary Peloquin-Dodd, Associate Vice Chancellor for Finance & University Treasurer
Marie Williams, Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources
Jeff Bandini, Associate Vice Chancellor for Real Estate & Development 
Dennis Kekas, Associate Vice Chancellor for Centennial Campus Partnership

Office of General Counsel

Eileen S. Goldgeier, Vice Chancellor and General Counsel
Rob Hoon, Deputy General Counsel
Laura L. Ratchford, Associate General Counsel
Michael S. Fausnight, Associate General Counsel
Sarah A. Lannom, Associate General Counsel

Office of Information Technology

Marc I. Hoit, Vice Chancellor for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer
Mardecia Bell, Chief Information Security Officer
Gwen Hazlehurst, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Enterprise Application Services
Karen Horne, Director of Business Services
Stan North Martin, Senior Director of Outreach, Communications and Consulting
Eric Sills, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Shared Services
Greg Sparks, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Communication Technologies
Susan West, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Technology Support Services

Office for Institutional Equity & Diversity

Linda McCabe Smith, Vice Provost for Institutional Equity & Diversity
Robinette Kelley, Associate Vice Provost for Equal Opportunity and Equity
Tracey Ray, Assistant Vice Provost for Student Diversity
Marcia Gumpertz, Assistant Vice Provost for Faculty Diversity
Ursula Hairston, Assistant Vice Provost for Equal Opportunity and Equity
Beverly Jones Williams, Director of Outreach and Education
Garry Morgan, Associate Director of Diversity Programs
Reggie Barnes, Senior Director of Campus Community Centers
Frances Graham, Interim Director of the African American Cultural Center
Renee Wells, Director of the GLBT Center
Jennifer Brown, Interim Director of Multicultural Student Affairs
Lisa LaBarbera-Mascote, Director of the Women's Center
Jennifer Castillo, Associate Director of the Women's Center

Office of Institutional Research and Planning

Mary Lelik, Senior Vice Provost for Institutional Research and Planning
Nancy Whelchel, Director for Survey Research
Nancy Floyd, Director of Institutional Analytics
Alison Weingarten, Associate Director for Resource Analysis

Office of Research, Innovation and Economic Development

Alan Rebar, Vice Chancellor for Research, Innovation & Economic Development
Johnathan Horowitz, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research Infrastructure
Dennis Kekas, Associate Vice Chancellor for Partnerships & Economic Development
Richard Liston, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Administration
Genevieve Garland, Director of Research Operations 
Lorena McLaren, Executive Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations, University Development 
Matt Peterson, Director of Federal Relations 
Pradip Pramanik, Director of Proposal Development Unit
Kelly Sexton, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Technology Commercialization and New Ventures
Mladen Vouk, Associate Vice Chancellor for Research Development

University Advancement

Brian Sischo, Vice Chancellor for University Advancement
Kushal Dasgupta, Associate Vice Chancellor for Advancement Services
Benny Suggs, Associate Vice Chancellor and Executive Director of Alumni Relations & the Alumni Association
Brad Bohlander, Associate Vice Chancellor and Chief Communications Officer for University Communications
Francine Cronin, Associate Vice Chancellor for University Development 
Derek Bryan, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Finance & Administration