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North Carolina Agricultural Research Service (NCARS)

The North Carolina Agricultural Research Service (NCARS) is the research function of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Research programs range from fundamental to applied in support of agriculture, the environment, as well as health and well being. Forestry research is a jointly conducted program between NCARS and the College of Natural Resources. NCARS is funded principally by appropriations from the North Carolina General Assembly, federal formula funds, grants and contracts.

Our Mission

The mission of NCARS is to develop the knowledge and technology needed to:

  • Improve productivity, profitability and sustainability of industries in agriculture and the life sciences;
  • Conserve and improve the state’s natural resources and environment;
  • Improve the health, well being and quality of life of North Carolina’s citizens;
  • Provide the science base for research and extension programs.

Many research faculty in NCARS have joint appointments in teaching or extension. In classroom and informal teaching functions, our research scientists develop and teach quality science-based curricula in the fields of agriculture, biology, social sciences and the environment. Our faculty also contribute to the graduate training of students destined to become leaders, teachers, and scientists who will help sustain viable agriculture and life science industries.


NCARS publishes bulletins and scientific papers on research solutions to problems and opportunities that will benefit citizens, businesses and communities. Copies of technical bulletins may be obtained from the Department of Communication Services Customer Service at (919) 513-3045 and scientific papers from authors.


The faculty of NCARS conducts research, which has a direct impact on the agriculture and life science industries in North Carolina. This research includes field and laboratory experimentation in the agricultural, biological, physical, social, and environmental sciences. Primary emphases are devoted to two areas: 1) the production, processing, distribution, and consumption of the many agricultural and forestry commodities and products produced throughout the State and 2) developing and marketing life-science based processes and technologies. Together, these two research areas help improve the quality of life of both rural and urban citizens.

Dean, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Richard H. Linton

Associate Dean for Research, Director of the NC Agricultural Research Service

Steven A. Lommel

Associate Director, NC Agricultural Research Service

David W. Monks

Assistant Director, NC Agricultural Research Service

Rebecca S. Boston

Assistant Director and Research Operations Manager, NC Agricultural Research Service, Research Stations and University Field Labs

Reid Evans

Special Projects Manager, NC Agricultural Research Service

Roger G. Crickenberger

Director of Corporate Relations

Catherine Maxwell

Assistant Director of Corporate Relations

Thomas Manshack

Director of Research Partnerships

Deborah Thompson

Grant Proposal Developer

Christy Sandy