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College of Design

NCSU Box 7701
Raleigh, NC 27695-7701

Now in its sixth decade, the College of Design at North Carolina State University has from the beginning prepared designers who, in the broadest sense, shape the world. Design education is more than an attempt to teach a set of technical skills. The environment— including the spaces in which people live and work, the products they consume, and the messages they receive— have a powerful impact on how humans function as a society. Good design, therefore, requires attention and sensitivity to social, economic, political, cultural, and behavioral issues. The aim of the curricula in the College of Design is to develop the designer’s perception, knowledge, skills, and problem-solving abilities.

The College of Design admits students through a selective process that ensures a highly motivated and heterogeneous design community. The entering student body consistently ranks at the top of academic achievement in the university and the college graduation rates are the highest in the institution. While providing undergraduate and graduate study in multiple disciplines and encouraging individual plans of study, the college functions as a unified, interactive education center, dedicated to preparing designers capable of shaping the environment to various scales in response to society’s needs.


Mark E. Hoversten

Associate Dean

Art Rice

Office of Student & Academic Services

Tameka Whitaker
Assistant Dean of Student and Academic Services

Finance and Administration

Felicia Womack
Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration

Research and Extension

Dr. Celen Pasalar
Assistant Dean for Research and Extension

External Relations

Jean Marie Livaudais
Assistant Dean for External Relations