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Arts Studies Program

Bachelor of Arts in Arts Studies

The Arts Studies Major offers three areas of specialization within a curriculum that focuses on the history, interpretation, and production of the visual and performing arts in aesthetic and cultural context.  Students pursue the academic study of film, music, or visual art.  Within each specialization, they have opportunities to focus on the specific subject area and to develop connections between and among diverse art forms and practices, historical periods, and cultures.

Students take 21 hours in foundation courses (15 hours in history and analysis and 6 hours in production or studio courses), 6 hours in linking courses (courses that examine the relationship between art and other areas of inquiry in the humanities, social sciences, and sciences), a 3 hour capstone course, and an advised elective designed support their particular interests and career objectives.  To enroll, students apply at the CHASS Dean’s Office, 106 Caldwell Hall.

For more information visit the Arts Studies website

Minor in Arts Studies

The Minor in Arts Studies is open to all undergraduate majors in the university.  This interdisciplinary Minor is designed to enrich the student’s university experience, to serve as a foundation for learning and understanding the arts beyond the university years, and to stimulate intellectual development in ways that may reinforce or complement the objectives of the student’s Major.  This Minor provides the student with a fundamental understanding of the historical, theoretical, and practical disciplines of the arts.

A total of eighteen credit hours must be taken to complete this Minor.  Students interested in the Minor should refer to the Arts Studies courses listed under “Arts Studies” in the course description section of this catalog.  These courses are described in detail under their departmental prefixes.


Dr. Rodney A. Waschka
Professor, Arts Studies and Music

Core Faculty

Dr. Alison E. Arnold
Teaching Assistant Professor, Arts Studies and Music

Dr. Gary D. Beckman
Director of Entrepreneurial Studies in the Arts

Dr. John A. Fuller
Assistant Director of Outreach and Assessment, Music

Dr. Ora Gelley
Assistant Professor, Film Studies

Dr. Jonathan C. Kramer
Teaching Professor, Music

Dr. Marsha Gordon
Associate Professor, Film Studies

Dr. Devin Anthony Orgeron
Associate Professor, Film Studies

Dr. Stephanie Spencer
Associate Professor, Art History