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Arts Studies Program

Bachelor of Arts in Arts Studies

The Arts Studies curriculum offers four areas of specialization that focus on the history, interpretation, and production of the visual and performing arts in aesthetic and cultural context.  Students pursue the academic study of film, music, theater, or visual art.  The core courses, in conjunction with a concentration, aim to help students identify key concepts, study literature and issues in a foundational area, formulate research questions for multidisciplinary projects.

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Minor in Arts Studies

The minor in Arts Studies is designed to enrich the student’s university experience, to serve as a foundation for learning and understanding the arts beyond the university years, and to stimulate intellectual development in ways that may reinforce or complement the objectives of the student’s major.  This minor provides the student with a fundamental understanding of the historical, theoretical, and practical disciplines of the arts.


Rodney A. Waschka
Professor, Arts Studies and Music

Core Faculty

Alison E. Arnold
Teaching Assistant Professor, Arts Studies and Music

Gary D. Beckman
Director of Entrepreneurial Studies in the Arts

James C. Boyles
Teaching Assistant Professor, History

Franklin D. Cason
Assistant Professor, Film Studies, English

John A. Fuller
Assistant Director of Outreach and Assessment, Music

Ora Gelley
Assistant Professor, Film Studies

Andrew R. Johnston
Assistant Professor, Film Studies, English

Olga A. Kleiankina
Teaching Assistant Professor, Music

Tom Koch
Teaching Assistant Professor, Music

Jonathan C. Kramer
Teaching Professor, Music

Marsha Gordon
Associate Professor, Film Studies

Noel J. Leaf
Teaching Assistant Professor, Music

John C. McIlwee

Andrea C. Mensch

Devin Anthony Orgeron
Associate Professor, Film Studies

John Wesley Parker
Teaching Assistant Professor, Music

Victoria N. Ralston

J Mark Scearce
Director of Music