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International Studies Program

Bachelor of Arts in International Studies

The International Studies curriculum is designed to educate students within a global context.  The program of study requires students to integrate theoretical knowledge about broad global processes and methods used to study them with in-depth examination of a particular world region or major theme in international studies.  The curriculum is designed to expose students to a variety of disciplinary approaches.  It prepares students to pursue advanced studies in diverse academic fields, and for careers in global corporations, international organizations, and in the government or non-profit sectors.

For more information, see the International Studies Program website.

Minor in International Studies

The International Studies minor is offered to all students in the university who want to add a significant international dimension to their departmental majors.  This minor program enables students to explore international topics, issues and research from cross-cultural, transnational perspectives.  The program will provide some tools that students can use to understand better the global context of the modern world and to learn the international dimensions of their chosen fields of study.


Seth Murray
Teaching Associate Professor

Core Facility

Shea C. McManus
Assistant Professor, Anthropology

Raja Abillama

Nora Haenn
Associate Professor, Anthropology

Carol Ann Lewald
Teaching Assistant Professor

Haddy M. Njie
Teaching Assistant Professor