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Department of Molecular Biomedical Sciences

The mission of the Department of Molecular Biomedical Sciences is to provide outstanding instruction and mentoring in the professional veterinary curriculum and graduate programs, and to conduct basic and clinical biomedical research.  A wide-range of research efforts are conducted within the Department that span the whole-animal, tissue, cellular, and molecular levels. The Department fosters and encourages interdisciplinary approaches to solving biomedical problems, and seeks collaborations with public- and private-sector research institutions in the Research Triangle and beyond.

Curricula and programs in the Department of Molecular Biomedical Sciences are only available at the graduate level. Please visit the MBS website for more information.


M.C. McGahan


K.B. Adler

M. Breen

D. Dorman

L.N. Fleisher

J.E. Gadsby

L.C. Hudson

M.C. McGahan
Department Head

M.G. Papich

J. Piedrahita

P.L. Sannes

B. Sherry

Professors emeriti

R.A. Argenzio

P.J. Bentley

C. Brownie

T.M. Curtin

J.E. Smallwood

C.R. Swanson

Associate professors

W. Baeumer

K. Cheng

T. Ghashghaei

N. Nascone-Yoder

L. Posner

M. Rodriguez-Puebla

K. Saker

R. Schoenfeld

G. Seiler

J. Yoder

Assistant Professor

B. Akpa

G. Cruse

C. Dekaney

S. Faith

L. Van Landeghem

K. Messenger

S. Mishra

Teaching Associate Professor

M. Gerard

Teaching Assistant Professor

S. Robertson

Research Assistant Professor

R. Thomas

Clinical professors

I. Robertson

D. Thrall

Clinical assistant professors

K. Bailey

N. Campbell

E. Cohen

M. Killos


J. Khosla

S. Gallenstein


L. Duff

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