Arts Studies (ARS)

ARS - Arts Studies Courses

ARS 251 The Arts of a World Capital: London 3.

Multidisciplinary course introducing students to the architecture and museums and the musical, dance, and theatrical performances of London. Historical and social context of these works of art. The infrastructure in London that makes its unusual artistic vitality and quality possible. Taught in London.

ARS 252 The Arts of Vienna 1900 3.

Interdisciplinary study of art, architecture, music and theater in turn-of-the-century Vienna and of the political and scientific thinking that surrounded these arts. Taught in Vienna.

ARS 257 Technology in the Arts 3.

The interaction between technology and the arts with an emphasis on developments in Western art of the twentieth century. Historical and emerging issues include: sound and film recordings, the addition of sound to films, the impact of films and television on theater, the impact of radio, computer applications to music, the visual arts, and literature.

ARS 258 Mathematics and Models in Music 3.

Use of mathematics and models in the composition of western music of various time periods with an emphasis on the twentieth century. Critical analysis of trivial and non-trivial uses of mathematics; differentiation between mathematics as an analytical tool and mathematics as a compositional tool. Survey of models including geographical, grammatical, and graphic.

ARS 259 The Arts and Politics 3.

Interactions between the arts and politics. Specific instances and types of political art from the past and the present. Patronage, censorship, propaganda, art in times of war, the artist's options and powers, aesthetics and criticism.

ARS 306 Music Composition with Computers 3.
Prerequisite: Some knowledge of music or computer science (e.g. CSC 200).

Survey of the theory and history of computer music, compositional algorithms, digital synthesis techniques, composition of at least one computer music work -- a computer-assisted composition for traditional instruments, a piece for computer music on tape, a real-time piece, or a piece that combines tape and instrument(s).

ARS 346 Black Popular Culture 3.

A multidisciplinary examination of contemporary black cultural expression in film, music, art, and the media. Emphasis on race, class, gender, and political discourse.

ARS 351 Arts, Ideas and Values 3.

An examination of the way works of art embody a particular understanding of what is real and what is worthwhile and shape their viewers' ideas and values. Case studies approach.

ARS 353 Arts and Cross-Cultural Contacts 3.

Study of works of art that allude to or combine two or more traditions. Examples from film, dance, music, theater and visual arts. Analysis of the role of the exotic in art. The role of arts of multiple traditions in inaugurating new artistic movements, such as Ming landscape painting. Impact of electronic media on contemporary multicultural arts, such as Nepali pop.

ARS 354 The Arts and the Sacred 3.

The support and critique of religion through the arts. Study of religious symbolism embodied in works of art from a number of traditions and genres. The interrelationship between art and religion, history, culture, spirituality, and ritual.

ARS 414 Interdisciplinary Arts Seminar 3.

Creation and presentation of new interdisciplinary works of art. Theory and history of such works including discussion of mixed media, multimedia and intermedia. In-class presentations and critiques. Eventual presentation of finished works in appropriate venues. Additional expenses will be incurred for Arts Now Series events.

ARS 494 Topics in Arts Studies 3.
Prerequisite: Junior standing and 15 hours in either dance, design, film studies, music, theater, or visual arts..

Multi-arts course focusing on selected works of art in various media, related by theme, place or date. Capstone course for students with an extensive background in one of the arts. Topics may vary.

ARS 498 Independent Study in Arts Studies 1-3.
Prerequisite: Nine hours of course work in Arts Studies.

Independent study or project directed by a faculty member in the student's area of interest. Individualized/Independent Study and Research courses require a "Course Agreement for Students Enrolled in Non-Standard Courses" be completed by the student and faculty member prior to registration by the department.