Foreign Language-Classical Studies (CLA)

CLA - Foreign Language-Classical Studies Courses

CLA 110 Greek and Latin Roots of English 3.

Study of the formation of English words from Greek and Latin roots, designed to build English vocabulary and word power (Students who plan to enter medical professions should take CLA 115. Students may not receive credit for both CLA 110 and CLA 115.).

CLA 115 Medical Terminology 3.

Study of the formation of medical terms from their Greek and Latin roots designed both to build vocabulary and to teach the uses of a medical dictionary. Students may not receive credit for both CLA 110 and CLA 115.

CLA 210 Classical Mythology 3.

Greek and Roman mythology through the writings and art of the Classical period. Discussion of creation stories, the major gods and heroes, the underworld and afterlife, intellectual, religious and educational role of myth, and the most important theories of interpretation and classification. All readings and discussion in English.

CLA 215 The Ancient World in Modern Media 3.

Study of the ways classical myth and culture appear in modern media such as film, TV, comics, the internet and others, with focus on why ancient stories, ideas and images are still appealing, but also how and hwy they are used in new ways with new meanings.

CLA 320 Masterpieces of Classical Lit 3.
R: Sophomore Standing.

Study of great works of Greek and Latin Literature in a genre such as tragedy, comedy, epic or lyric, with attention to both literary merit and cultural importance. All readings in English. May be taken up to three times in different genres for credit.

CLA 325 Gender, Ethnicity & Identity in the Ancient World 3.
R: Sophomore Standing.

Study of the formation of ideas and practices regarding gender, ethnicity, and identity in the ancient Greek and Roman world, with attention to both continuities and difference between ancient and modern views.

CLA 395 Special Topics in Classical Studies 3.

For topics not part of regular course offerings, or offering of new courses on a trial basis. May be taken up to three times provided the topics are different.

CLA 398 Independent Study in Classical Studies 1-3.
R: Sophomore Standing.

Individualized study in classical language, culture or literature. Topic, mode of study, and credit hours to be determined in consultation with faculty member supervising work. May be taken up to three times provided the topic is sufficiently different. Individualized/Independent Study and Research courses require a "Course Agreement for Students Enrolled in Non-Standard Courses" be completed by the student and faculty member prior to registration by the department.