Dance (DAN)

DAN - Dance Courses

DAN 210 Current Trends in Afrocentric and World Dance 1.

This course provides direct experience in choreographic and performance processes for members of Panoramic Dance Project, NC State Dance Program's student company dedicated to Afrocentric and other culturally driven dance works. The course includes study of dance technique, choreographic craft, and the examination of content and identity in dance. Choreographic content varies from semester to semester. Permission only; acceptance by formal audition.

DAN 260 Hip-hop Dance 1.

This course introduces students to the physical, social, communal, historical, and cultural aspects of Hip-hop dance. Students might have to provide transportation and/or pay a minimal cost for a performance not to exceed $15.

DAN 272 Dance Composition 1.
Prerequisite: HESM 320 or instructor permission.

This course introduces principles of dance composition through creative problem solving. Course content includes: movement invention; creation of a thematic phrase; manipulation and development of theme through application of choreographic devices; structure; and content. Student will create and perform a complete solo choreographic work in the course. A small fee may be required for dance concert attendance.

DAN 290 Special Topics in Dance 1-4.

Examination of selected topics in dance. May be repeated for credit provided course content is different each time.

DAN 295 Problems of Dance Performance 2.
Prerequisite: Audition.

Practical performing experience in a company setting. Rehearsal, performance and production of concert dance.

DAN 490 Adv Spec Top Dance 1-4.

DAN 498 Independent Study in Dance 1-3.
Prerequisite: DAN 272, DAN 295, Dance Program approval required..

Independent study in special choreographic or performance projects approved by and done under the direction of the Dance Program. Individualized/Independent Study and Research courses require a "Course Agreement for Students Enrolled in Non-Standard Courses" be completed by the student and faculty member prior to registration by the department.