Entrepreneurship Initiative (EI)

EI - Entrepreneurship Initiative Courses

EI 100 Entrepreneurial Thinking in the Albright Entrepreneurs Village 1.
R: Albright Entrepreneurs Village residents.

Course involves active discussion about current events, case studies and assigned reading to evaluate strategies needed to think like an entrepreneur. Our students will think critically and apply basic skills needed when joining or forming teams to launch ideas or ventures. This course will host only residents of the Albright Entrepreneurs Village to discuss these ideas and build upon the living and learning community's learning outcomes.

EI 201 Exploring Interdisciplinary Entrepreneurial Thinking 3.

Course covers the perspectives of entrepreneurial thinking from an interdisciplinary perspective including: expectations and understanding of successful entrepreneurs as well as entrepreneurial opportunities in a variety of disciplines and entities including sciences, technology, humanities and social sciences. Primary focus will be on developing the student's entrepreneurial mindset.

EI 331 Interdisciplinary Entrepreneurial Thinking I: Skills and Planning Basics 3.
Prerequisite: EI 201.

Course covers the development and application of critical skills in entrepreneurship as well as the fundamentals of entrepreneurial planning including interdisciplinary opportunity identification and feasibility analysis. Some individual off campus travel might be required. Students are responsible for their own transportation to off campus activities. This course will be offered at least once per semester.