Foreign Language - Italian (FLI)

FLI - Foreign Language - Italian Courses

FLI 101 Elementary Italian I 3.

Begins the development of a balanced foundation in all four language skills. Concentrates on listening and speaking, emphasizing idiomatic Italian. Short readings in Italian culture and civilization. Class and laboratory practice, written homework.

FLI 102 Elementary Italian II 3.
Prerequisite: FLI 101.

Continuation of FLI 101 with emphasis on acquisition of oral skills through class practice and use of audio aids. Readings in Italian culture, civilization and literature.

FLI 201 Intermediate Italian I 3.
Prerequisite: FLI 102.

Third of four consecutive courses to develop skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing. Readings and discussion of Italian culture, civilization and literature.

FLI 202 Intermediate Italian II 3.
Prerequisite: FLI 201.

Last of four sequential language courses. Increased emphasis on reading and writing. Readings in the literature, culture, and civilization of Italy.

FLI 208 Intermediate Italian Conversation 3.
Corequisite: FLI 202.

Intensive practice in speaking and understanding Italian through role playing, discussion, interviews, and use of audio-visual materials.

FLI 308 Italian Reading and Conversation 3.
Prerequisite: FLI 202.

Advanced readings and intensive conversational practice in Italian for students beyond the intermediate level.

FLI 315 Italian Civilization and Culture 3.

Italian culture and society from its origins to modern times, including its history, geography and national and regional identities, social images, political and economic structures, and technological and scientific development of the Italian society. As an extension of the classroom students participate in educational experiences such as excursions and Italian cooking classes. Taught in English and as NC State Study Abroad Program in Perugia, Italy.

FLI 318 Italian Society Through Cinema 3.
Prerequisite: FLI 202.

Italian culture and society through cinema from the fascist era to the present. A study of selected films representative of major social-political, ideological, and artistic developments,. Weekly film viewings.