Foreign Language - Portuguese (FLP)

FLP - Foreign Language - Portuguese Courses

FLP 101 Elementary Portuguese I 3.

Introduction to the fundamentals of Brazilian Portuguese: pronunciation, comprehension, and spoken syntax and grammar.

FLP 102 Elementary Portuguese II 3.
Prerequisite: FLP 101.

Continuation of the essentials of Brazilian Portuguese. Further stress on pronunciation and comprehension and introduction of reading and writing skills.

FLP 201 Intermediate Portuguese I 3.
Prerequisite: FLP 102 or placement in course.

The third level of Portuguese with special attention to speaking, reading, writing and developing a cultural awareness of the cultural heritage of the Portuguese-speaking peoples of Portugal, Brazil and Portuguese-speaking Africa.

FLP 401 Brazilian Portuguese for Spanish Speakers 3.
Prerequisite: Native/Heritage Spanish Speaker or FLS 202 or Equivalent and Instructor's Approval.

A one semester on-line intensive introductory course to Brazilian Portuguese for Spanish speakers taught in Spanish focusing on the development of: 1) Reading Comprehension in Brazilian Portuguese; 2) Basic translation skills: Spanish>Portuguese>Spanish; 3) Colloquial writing skills in Brazilian Portuguese; 4) Basic speaking ability in Brazilian Portuguese. This course is open to undergraduate, graduate and extension students with a formal knowledge of Spanish who fulfill the prerequisite. Instructor approval required.