Food Science (FSA)

FSA - Food Safety Courses

FSA 520 Pre-Harvest Food Safety 3.

Dairy, beef, swine, poultry, and seafood modules: production, government regulation of products, use of antimicrobials in production, and the emergence of resistant human pathogens. Field fruit and vegetable crops section: hazards in food includingpesticide residues and philosophy and practice of organic farming and public's perception of food and biotechnology.

FSA 530 Post-Harvest Food Safety 3.
Prerequisite: MB 351/352.

Background on the current issues and developments associated with post-harvest food safety, including biological, chemical, and physical food safety hazards. Additionally, regulations governing food safety and consumer perceptions.

FSA 540 Food Safety and Public Health 3.
Prerequisite: MB 351/352.

Issues and developments related to the relationship between food safety and public health, including emerging foodborne pathogens; virulence and pathogenicity; foodborne toxins; epidemiological techniques used in the investigation of foodborne disease; rapid detection methods; and quantitative microbial risk assessment in food safety.

FSA 580 Professional Development and Ethics in Food Safety 1.
Prerequisite: FSA 520 or FSA 530 or FS 540.

Professional development and thics related to food safety. Foof safety communications to lay-audiences and the media; the ethical frontier between science/policy and science/profit. Planned student and faculty presentations as well as guest lectures on current topical issues.