Genetic Engineering and Society (GES)

GES - Genetic Engineering and Society Courses

GES 506 Principles of Genetic Pest Management 3.

Introduction to the biological aspects of genetic pest management (GPM). Genetic techniques for GPM, including historical uses (such as the sterile insect technique) and approaches that are currently in development. Practical issues relating to the deployment of GPM, including ecological and economic considerations.

GES 508 Emerging Technologies and Society 3.

Provides frameworks for understanding emerging technologies and their social, political, and cultural contexts. Presents historical case studies, ethnographic accounts, and theoretical perspectives that introduce students to ways of thinking about science and technology, nature and culture, and democracy and expertise. Graduate standing is required.

GES 591 Special Topics in Genetic Engineering and Society 1-6.

Special topics and experimental course offerings in Genetic Engineering and Society.