History of Art (HA)

HA - History of Art Courses

HA 201 History of Art From Ancient Greece Through the Renaissance 3.

Art from Ancient Greece and Rome through Italian Renaissance. Major art forms of painting, sculpture, and architecture.

HA 202 History of Art From the Renaissance Through the 20th Century 3.

Art from the Northern Renaissance in Europe through the 20th century in Europe and America: painting, sculpture and architecture recent mixed media techniques such as collage, and trottage.

HA 203 History of American Art 3.

A history of American Art (painting, sculpture and architecture) from the Colonial Period through the 20th century.

HA 240 Introduction to Visual Culture 3.
Prerequisite: Sophomore standing.

Introduction to the role of visual cultural production in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries in expressing and shaping both individual and collective identities. Case studies of imperialism, gender, and war draw from different regional histories and utilize a variety of visual genres - such as photography, popular posters, painting, advertising, and film stills - to study how visual culture can be used as evidence to understand the past, using the approaches of the disciplines of History and Art History.

HA 298 Special Topics in Art History 3.

Special topics in art history with emphasis on chronological periods such as 20th-century art of the Italian Renaissance or on fields of art such as paintings, sculpture, photography, or architecture.

HA 395 History of Art: Study Abroad 3.

Topical History of Art courses taught in NC State Study Abroad programs. (Current listings available in History Department, Study Abroad Office and CHASS Dean's Office.).

HA 401 19th Century European Art from Revolution to Post-Impressionism 3.
Prerequisite: HA 201 or HA 202.

From the politically charged art of the French Revolution, through Neo-classicism, Romanticism, Realism, Impressionism and Post-Impressionism, this course examines styles, subject matter and cultural context of the many, rapid artistic changes in the long 19th century.

HA 404 Italian Renaissance Art and Material Culture 3.
Prerequisite: 3 hrs. of HA.

From villas to teaspoons, this course investigates daily life in Renaissance Italy, 1300-1550, through the architecture, painting, sculpture, and art objects that people commissioned and used. Works of art will be analyzed in terms of style, subject matter, and historical context.

HA 410 History of the Art of Photography 3.
Prerequisite: 3 Hours of History of Art, Film, History, or Literature.

History of and the interaction between art and photography from the invention of photography to the present.

HA 498 Independent Study in History of Art 1-6.
Prerequisite: 3 hours History of Art.

Directed independent study of topics in the History of Art. Individualized/Independent Study and Research courses require a "Course Agreement for Students Enrolled in Non-Standard Courses" be completed by the student and faculty member prior to registration by the department.