Health Exercise Studies Specialty (HESS)

HESS - Health Exercise Studies Specialty Courses

HESS 219 Gymnastics 1.

Develop basic gymnastics skills on vault, bars, beam, floor, and trampoline. 1) To assist the students in safely learning progressions on each of these events for skill development. 2) To acquire the fitness requirements associated with learning these skills. 3) To identify the hazards and risks associated with gymnastics and 4) To identify basic skills and terminology associated with the sport.

HESS 235 Beginning Karate 1.

Introduction to traditional Japanese karate: kihon (basic punching, striking, blocking, and kicking techniques); kata (formal drills); yakusoku kumite (pre-arranged sparring); and demonstration of ji-yu-kumite (controlled free sparring). Karate uniform required.

HESS 239 Self Defense 1.

Basic self defense and techniques. Skills covered include strikes, blocks, and escapes; plus psychology of general and sexual assault. Physical contact will occur between students and with the instructor as well.

HESS 243 Bowling 1.

This is a beginning bowling course in which the students will develop the basic skills necessary to play and enjoy the game of bowling. Technical skills include ball rotation and delivery along with proper foot work. Students will also learn the fundamental rules, basic strategies for throwing a strike ball, general theory for converting spares, and scoring along with bowling etiquette, terminology, rules, and safety precautions. Basic fitness and training principles will be discussed as applicable to the sport of bowling. Additional fee assessed.

HESS 245 Golf 1.

This course will provide golf instruction at an introductory level. Coursework will introduce full swing fundamentals, chipping, pitching and putting fundamentals, rules, and etiquette on the golf course, and history of the game. Students will develop and appreciation for the game of golf through practice, play, and time of the golf course. There is a required fee for class meetings at the Lonnie Poole Golf Course Range. Check the online scheduling for current charge. The student must provide their own transportation to the golf course.

HESS 246 Handball 1.

This course will provide handball instruction at the beginning level in which students will develop the basic skills necessary to play the game of handball. Technical skills include serves, overhand, sidearm, and underhand strokes, ceiling shot, lob, three-wall shot, kill shots and passing shots. Instruction will include an emphasis on the fundamental strategies and rules used in singles, doubles, and cutthroat play. Basic fitness and training principles will be discussed as applicable to the game of handball. Students are required to purchase handball gloves and protective eyegear.

HESS 251 Target Archery 1.

Shooting fundamentals, safety, selection, and care of equipment.

HESS 252 Skiing/Snowboarding 1.

Instruction and experience in the fundamentals of skiing or snowboarding. Emphasis on safety, controlled turns and stops, equipment selections, and pre-season preparation. Slope instruction held at a selected site during winter break. Additional charge assessed for trip with a non-refundable deposit. Refer to the online schedule of classes for program format options, current charges and trip dates. Students are responsible for providing their own transportation. Final grades will not post until the second week of January. In the interim, a grade of LA will be given. December graduating seniors should be aware this will delay graduation clearance and posting of degrees.

HESS 296 Independent Study in Physical Education 1-3.

Independent study in Physical Education will vary according to the specialized topic of interest. Credit and content determined by instructor. Individualized/Independent Study and Research courses require a "Course Agreement for Students Enrolled in Non-Standard Courses" be completed by the student and faculty member prior to registration by the department.