Health Exercise Studies Team (HEST)

HEST - Health Exercise Studies Team Courses

HEST 216 Soccer 1.

Soccer with emphasis on skills development, playing strategies, and rules of the game.

HEST 261 Basketball 1.

Offensive and defensive skills development and systems of team work. Coverage of strategies, history and rules of the sport.

HEST 265 Slow Pitch Softball 1.

Develop basic skills, rules and strategies for playing slow pitch softball. This course provides an ideal setting for beginning through intermediate players to acquire or enhance skill sets and obtain knowledge to participate recreationally in a slow pitch softball game or league.

HEST 266 Ultimate Frisbee 1.

Emphasis on skill development, aerobic fitness and spirit of competition. Includes flight dynamics, various throwing and catching techniques, offensive skills, defensive skills, equipment, strategies, and rules of the game.

HEST 267 Flag Football 1.

An introduction to the skills, history, rules and strategy of flag football.

HEST 269 Volleyball I 1.

This course is designed to teach and apply the basic volleyball fundamentals of setting, passing, serving, spiking, court movement, and game strategy.

HEST 270 Volleyball II 1.
Prerequisite: HEST 269.

This course is designed to go beyond the basic volleyball skills. Emphasis will be placed on floater, top spin, and jump serves, forearm passing, setting, back setting, strong side and weak side attacking, blocking and advance serve reception techniques.