International Studies (IS)

IS - International Studies Courses

IS 200 Introduction to International Studies 3.

Introductory analysis of the diverse processes of globalization, and an interdisciplinary survey of the social, political, economic, and cultural patterns reflected in the interrelations between various regions of the world. Emphasis on the historical and cultural contexts of debates in current global issues. A foundation course for students preparing an International Studies major or minor.

IS 393 Theories of Globalization 3.
Prerequisite: IS 200.

This course offers an in-depth and interdisciplinary examination of various aspects of globalization including economics, human dimensions of environmental change, culture, ethics and power. The course aims to build student understanding of the relationship between theory and application in the field of international studies. This course is designed for international studies minors, as well as majors who are expected to bridge between introductory materials and capstone coursework. Restriction: Minimum of 45 credit hours complete; IS majors and minors only.

IS 395 Special Topics in International Studies 1-3.

IS 491 Senior Seminar in International Studies 3.
Prerequisite: IS 393.

An intensive study of selected international issues, global dimensions and implications, leading to a major research paper.