Foreign Language - Latin (LAT)

LAT - Foreign Language - Latin Courses

LAT 101 Elementary Latin I 3.

Beginning course in Classical Latin, emphasizing elementary grammatical form and basic syntax. Readings based on brief selections from Roman authors, including Cicero and Catullus.

LAT 102 Elementary Latin II 3.

Continuation of Latin 101. Completion of the study of elementary grammar. Readings from a variety of Latin authors, including texts on mythological themes.

LAT 201 Intermediate Latin I 3.
Prerequisite: LAT 102.

Introduction to Latin prose and poetry. Emphasis on increased reading skill. Review of grammar fundamentals and exposure to new and more complex syntax. Examination of cultural significance of readings.

LAT 202 Intermediate Latin II 3.
Prerequisite: LAT 201.

Lyric poetry of Catullus and Horace emphasizing vocabulary, syntax, and techniques of Latin verse. Traditions and the evolution of lyric poetry and the social role of the Roman poet.

LAT 399 Directed Readings in Latin 3.
Prerequisite:LAT 202.

Advanced Latin language course introducing students to research methods in classical studies. Readings may include Vergil, Ovid, Livy, Cicero, or others. May be taken up to two times with different readings for credit.