Life Sciences First Year (LSC)

LSC - Life Sciences First Year Courses

LSC 101 Critical and Creative Thinking in the Life Sciences 2.

Through case studies and discussion-based classes, this course guides students through a metacognitive approach to (1) critical and creative thinking, (2) the nature and practice of science, (3) the rhetoric of science, and (4) the process of learning. This course will challenge students to apply the standards of critical and creative thinking in critiquing their own work and the work of others; guide students to an understanding and appreciation of the rhetoric of science; help students gain an understanding of fundamental principles of the nature and conduct of science within the life science disciplines; and encourage students to become active, engaged learners through an understanding of effective approaches to learning with an emphasis on the neurobiology of learning. Incoming freshmen admitted to the Life Sciences First Year Program (will open available seats to other FR in the spring semester section).

LSC 103 Exploring Opportunities in the Life Sciences 1.
R: 11LSFY or 17LSFY.

The overarching goal of this course is to help students create a solid foundation on which they can build to enhance their success in college and especially in their studies within the life sciences. Students will be challenged to think intentionally about how they will approach learning inside and outside the classroom and what factors might influence their college experience. Through this course, students will think about their transition from high school to college; identify campus resources and explore academic policies; research potential majors in the life sciences and potential minors; attend and reflect upon cultural and educational events across campus; and create a "plan for success" for their time at NC State. Cannot get credit for both LSC 103, and BCH 103, or MB 103, or PB 103. Restricted to incoming freshmen admitted to the Life Sciences First Year Program.

LSC 170 First Year Seminar in the Life Sciences 1.
R: 11LSFY or 17LSFY.

Topical problems in the life sciences. LSC 170 provides an opportunity for LSFY students to work in a small group setting with a faculty member to explore a topic within the faculty member's area of expertise. Emphasis will be placed on active, collaborative learning; effective communication skills; higher order cognitive skills; and applying the intellectual standards of critical thinking. Topics and instructors will vary from section to section and from semester to semester. Students can repeat LSC 170 once as long as the two sections are on different topics.

LSC 205 Class Assistant Experience 1.

LSC 205 provides an opportunity for students to gain experience as Class Assistants within the Life Sciences First Year Program and to reflect on that experience as it relates to their own college experiences, personal growth, and professional development. Expectations, to be detailed in the LSC 205 contract, will include attendance at all LSC 205 class meetings, attendance at all class meetings of the section for which you are working as Class Assistant, and completion of written reflection assignments. Instructor consent required.

LSC 295 Special Topics in Life Science 1-3.
R: 11LSFY or 17LSFY.

New courses offered on a temporary or trial basis for Life Sciences First Year students.