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Campus Activities

The Union Activities Board

The Union Activities Board (UAB) is a student-directed programming network of committees that plan and implement a variety of programs for the campus community, including the Films Committee (that schedules films for Campus Cinema), Leisure & Entertainment Committee, Issues & Ideas Committee, the Diversity Activities Board, and the Black Students Board. The Publicity Committee designs and distributes posters, fliers, handbills, and other advertising for UAB events. You can visit them online at UAB website, friend them on the UAB Facebook page or follow them with the UAB Twitter feed!

The Campus Cinema

The Campus Cinema, located in Witherspoon Student Center, presents films ranging from independent works to the latest Hollywood blockbusters in 35mm with Dolby® Digital Surround Sound. The Cinema is a fully functional movie theatre with 460 seats and a concession stand. Showings cost $2.00 for NC State students, faculty and staff and $3.00 for non-students. There are also many opportunities to see free movies and sneak previews throughout the year. Check out the cinema website at:

The Office of Parents & Families Services

The Office of Parents & Families Services provides resources and programming for families of NC State undergraduate students such as Parents’ Orientation, Parents & Families Weekend, PACK Parents newsletters, Spring Fling, Siblings Weekend and the Parents’ Helpline.

The Student Organization Resource Center (SORC)

Boredom is not an option at North Carolina State University. With over 700 student organizations in the organization network, there is something for everyone. These organizations exist because they play a key role in student success and enjoyment of the overall experience at NC State. Participation in organizations allows students to meet new people and develop friendships, contribute to the community and make a difference. Through such involvement students explore career opportunities and gain experience, learn and practice leadership skills, and have a lot of fun! In addition, involvement in group activities will help students find balance in their lives and allows them to develop an appreciation for diversity. The SORC also provides students an online resource to document their student involvement and leadership experiences in a way that will enhance their resumes when it comes time to seek jobs and other post-graduate opportunities. For more information about student organizations visit the SORC website.