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NC State - Skyline

Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention Education


300 Clark Hall

221 Jenson Drive

Campus Box, 7321

Raleigh, NC 27695

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Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention Education (AOD) is rooted in objectivity, compassion, and non judgment. Although we support community members that choose to live an abstinent lifestyle, we do not use an abstinence based methodology or believe in telling others how to live their lives. We cannot condone underage drinking or illicit drug use as this would mean we are advocating for individuals to break the laws of North Carolina. However, we do understand that some community member’s personal choices do not abide by the law on this topic. We are here to reduce the harm and unwanted consequences associated with alcohol and other drug use. If you or someone you know chooses to drink or use drugs, regardless of age, we ask that you and all community members know the signs and symptoms of alcohol poisoning and overdose in order to be able to Howl for Help appropriately, with confidence, and without worry of consequence. We ask that if you do choose to drink, please do so safely and utilize our resources to be fully informed on how to do so. We also ask that you inform yourself fully on the standards of the community campus so when you are making decisions, you are doing so with all variables known. Click here to see our vision and mission.