Student Legal Services

University Student Legal Services (USLS) is a nonprofit corporation initiated by the Student Government at NC State which is funded by student fees. The purpose of the service is to provide education, advice and representation within the scope of the prepaid student legal services plan. The USLS plan is registered with the North Carolina State Bar. The service focuses on helping students resolve their legal problems with as little disruption as possible to their educational endeavors. The office promotes preventative law, enabling the students to make educated choices.

Confidentiality: The staff are not employees of the NC State or the State of North Carolina and as licensed attorneys are required to preserve the confidentiality of clients. All staff working with the office are bound by the Rules of Professional Conduct relating to nondisclosure of any information that has been discussed. The policy is firmly followed by the office to encourage clients to speak candidly about all information necessary for effective legal representation.

Phone: 919.515.7091