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Student Behavioral Case Manager


300 Clark Hall
221 Jenson Drive
Campus Box, 7321
Raleigh, NC 27695

Contact Us:


Phone: 919-515-2963

Our Mission:

The case manager at NC State works collaboratively with campus resources to provide support for students who are in crisis or who are identified as exhibiting concerning or worrisome behaviors.  Effective case management ensures that the community at large remains safe while the student involved gains the necessary resources to remain successful academically and personally at NC State.  The case manager does this by:

  • Providing comprehensive outreach and consultation services to the NC State community in order to proactively identify students who are struggling
  • Providing early intervention and behaviorally based assessments to determine appropriate resources and referrals to campus and community resource
  • Working constructively with students to foster resilience and self-advocacy
  • Monitoring student progress

Learning Outcomes:

  • Student, Staff, Faculty, and Parents will know how and when to report their concerns about a student in crisis
  • Students will have a greater knowledge of University resources and access points
  • Students will express greater efficacy in connecting with appropriate University resources